onsdag den 19. marts 2014

Gesture Drawing with Niall Lawerty


Continuation of 20 page comic project with Dean Haspiel

This week was all about finishing as many pages of our 20 page project as possible, I did pencils for all 20 pages and managed to completely finish eight. I chose to work in ballpoint pen because it's a tool I knew I was comfortable with and wouldn't have to spend time getting used to, which gave me more time to work on the storytelling.
I ended up redrawing a lot of panels to make the reading flow better and to try and get out of the comfort of drawing mid-shots over and over again. I also cut out a substantial chunk of the story because I had trouble fitting it in and it made the overall storytelling kind of choppy. I am quite happy with the end result, although there is of course some minor things I want to go back and fix. It was a learning process and Dean helped me realize my bad habits so I can work on getting rid of them.



lørdag den 15. marts 2014

99 Ways to Tell a Story with Matt Madden

This week was about how to tell the same story in different ways. It was a fun experience and gave me inspiration to try new things.

tirsdag den 21. januar 2014

Drawing with Artem Alexei

This week we did life drawing with Artem Alexei from The Drawing Academy.

I learned some really helpful techniques in this class, especially how to work with the mass rather than the silhouette and contours.

Life drawing has never been my strong suit but I'm slowly improving :)

Introduction to sequential art with Paul Karasik

First week out of two with American Paul Karasik.
Assigment 1: We had to finish two strips from the comic Nancy, on which we had had a lecture on the day before.
Assignment 2: We had to make a three-page instructional comic, my prompt was "How to brush your hair." The day after we condensed it down to a single page (not shown).
We also had a lecture on how to do critique and we did group critiques of this assignment in small groups of five which was great, I found it really helpful to have fresh eyes to help me spot my mistakes.

The second week we were to make a 12 page comic about an event in our life. I started out doing the comic on my struggle with depression a few years ago, but I had a hard time making it work as there was too little actual story, and so halfway through the week I decided to scrap it and start over. Instead I told the story of a creepy neighbor I once had, here is a (not entirely finished) page from it for a general feel of the mood and style: